1. "I had had no idea how deep the addiction went—it had essentially replaced me. I was a human being who had structured herself around the narcotic and the prop, who had melded with the narcotic and the prop. Once the narcotic and prop were no longer available, the human being simply died. I was left in a kind of mourning. I was grief stricken. I had murdered someone, and it was me. But as it turned out, that was the only way to allow a less restricted human being to take shape and live."

  2. "passivity can be very powerful. It’s an efficient way of shifting responsibility—and blame—onto other people. And instead of having to do anything, you get to be angry all the time."

  3. "There are certainly bits of my personality that I can’t quite account for by my own life history. You know, certain neurotic characteristics, fears. It’s a little like wondering why your hair is curly when no one else in your family has curly hair, and it turns out you were adopted."
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  8. It’s funny how a picture is capable of so much, but it can never get close to conveying the sound of riders hurtling over stones at high speed, the helicopter hovering in the distance, the cars rattling, the fans screaming… #roubaix by smashred http://flic.kr/p/n8AXaq

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